Let Her Know (Reprise)

This piece is from the score of the original stage musical Cupid’s Arrow. It is performed by the character Zach.

Listen to .mp3 sample of Let Her Know (Reprise) from the Original Cast Recording.

See the Cupid’s Arrow post for Original Cast Recording performance credits.

Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 1988 Mark S. Meritt

Lyrics & Book Excerpt

ZACH (sings):
I’ve got to let her know how I feel.
Give her a reason
To feel the way I do
About her day and night
I’ve got nothing to lose
‘Cause she won’t bite.
I’m trying hard to be cool.
But I feel like a fool.
I’ve got to let her know tonight.

© 2007 Mark S. Meritt; © 1988 Mark S. Meritt and Ed Budd

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