Springtime in October

This piece is from the score of the original stage musical Cupid’s Arrow. It is performed by the characters Leslie and Students.

Listen to .mp3 sample of Springtime in October from the Original Cast Recording.

See the Cupid’s Arrow post for Original Cast Recording performance credits.

Lyrics & Book Excerpt

LESLIE (sings):
Love’s like the sunlight.
It hits you when it’s cold or warm
Outside your door.
And though it’s hit before
You don’t mind.
For any reason
Love can come in any season.
When you find the one
Who’ll always bring the sun
You don’t mind.
It may come only once
So you don’t care what month it’s here.
It’s welcome anytime
So though November is quite near
Springtime can come anytime of year.
When you’re in love
The flowers bloom in vibrant colors
Never seen before.
You wonder who they’re for
And they’re for you.
Rainbows that glisten
Are never far if you’ll just listen
To the birds outside.
And the feeling deep inside
Makes dreams come true.
The times we spend together
Couldn’t be to us more dear.
And though the leaves are falling
Through the chilly atmosphere
Springtime can come anytime of year.
(The students go into a dance, almost ballet, which emits a great deal of romance, if that’s possible.)
Our skies are always clear
And though October is still here
Springtime can come anytime of year.
Springtime can come anytime of year.
Springtime can come anytime of year.

© & Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 1988 Mark S. Meritt

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