Writer’s Block

This song was written for a course in playwriting at Cornell University during Mark’s undergraduate studies.

Listen to .mp3 sample of Writer’s Block.

Sung by Mark S. Meritt.


Once upon a time
It was easy to write
I didn’t long for words
They didn’t try to fight
But this backwards life’s
Got me struggling hard
I can’t even find the words
For birthday cards

I’ve been trying for months
But I just can’t write
From the crack of dawn
To the dark of night
From the grandest tale
To the basest plot
This ridiculous song
Is all I’ve got

So now I’m driving ’round the
Writer’s Block
I sit around and I just
Watch the clock
I hate postponing and procrastinating
But there’s no abating
The persistent lock
That keeps me in Writer’s Block

I’m not short on ideas
They’re at me all the time
But to realize the good ones
Takes an Everest climb
I could churn out crap
And claim “Masterpiece”
But the piece’s master
Should proclaim it deceased

So I keep cruising ’round the
Writer’s Block
Don’t want to settle for some
Stupid schlock
Don’t want to go down as a cop-out hack
‘Cause there’s no getting back
That ounce of pride you hocked
To escape Writer’s Block

My mind keeps going
But it’s nowhere fast
And for a writer
That’s a cloudy forecast
I’d finish this song
But I’ve no ending line…

‘Cause where I’m found is deep in
Writer’s Block
It’s really nothing but a
Shameful crock
It’s tunnelvision down those one-way streets
But someday I’ll beat
My blockers and they’ll clock
My record speed off Writer’s Block

© & Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 1989 Mark S. Meritt

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