Love is a Pit

Listen to .mp3 sample of Love is a Pit.

Sung by Mark S. Meritt.


For so long I wanted somebody
Anybody at all
A girl would pass and I would adore her
And right for her I’d fall

But try as I might, she’d pass me right by
Never requiting, leaving me dry
I always had the half-empty cup
It seems a wonder I never gave up

I thought
“Love is a pit
That’s why you fall into it
You can’t get out no matter what you do
I’ll take no part
‘Cause it’s just breaking my heart
This thing I’m lacking leaves me black and blue”

Knowing what I needed to get by
On myself I placed a bid
Didn’t think that things would get better
Then I met her, and they did

You looked so phenom in a blazer and pants
Had so much in common, we started to dance
My cup started filling, and flipping it’s lid
So crazy for you I should be committed

Love isn’t the pits
If it’s with you, then it fits
Like old pajamas on a cozy night
We’re perfect as punch
And I’ve got a hunch
That what’s in store’s a whole lot more delight

And the time flew right on behind us
Now we find us at a year
And I’ve learned that love isn’t clear-cut
It takes work, but never fear

Love has it’s own pitfalls, I know that it’s true
We can’t just omit them, but we can get through
When you find a sole mate, it’s worth it to try
Because we’re all we need to get by

So maybe
Love is a pit
But I don’t mind it a bit
When you’re with me, I wouldn’t want to climb out
Through thick and through thin
Count on counting me in
‘Cause, baby, toughing it’s what love’s about

Love is a pit
In which I’m happy to sit
I’m staying here, I hope that you are too
And as we both stay
I’m more than happy to say
I’m loving sitting in the pit with you
I love to be in it with you
Forever in the pit with you

© & Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 1993 Mark S. Meritt

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