Miranda’s Left

This piece is from the score of the original stage musical The Right Circles. It is performed by the characters Miranda and Bill.

Listen to .mp3 sample of Miranda’s Left from the Demo Recording.

See the The Right Circles post for Demo Recording performance credits.

Lyrics & Book Excerpt

I saw this coming, you’re so predictable
It reads like a dime novel
What a load of bullshit
I wouldn’t blame you for
Walking out and leaving me flat
You selfish bastard
You won’t get off as easy as that
I’ll leave you squirming as you
Watch your whole life go up in smoke
You’re just a pawn who works for clowns
And for a practical joke
The joke is on you
I’m going to
Unmask your scam
Miranda be smart
What about Art
And Larry
Damn those fools
Up till now they have run the show
That’s destroyed me
But now I make the rules
Game is over
And so are we

© & Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 1994 Mark S. Meritt and Richard Hack

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