Phone Call #2

This piece is from the score of the original stage musical The Right Circles. It is performed by the characters Art and Bill.

Listen to .mp3 sample of Phone Call #2 from the Demo Recording.

See the The Right Circles post for Demo Recording performance credits.

Lyrics & Book Excerpt

Hello, Bill, and how are things in the
Land of non-intelligence?
Maybe I’ve been there too long but
I think they’ve started making sense
What, are you crazy? Don’t let them brainwash
You with their idiot’s delight
Don’t worry too much, there’s only six days left
Which reminds me, where is the rewrite?
Music stops. The man in the stage left phone booth turns slowly toward the audience. It is Art.
ART: Bill, why don’t you turn toward the uptown phone booth.
BILL, turning toward stage left: Where?
ART: Hi.
Bill notices Art.
BILL, fumbling with the receiver: Holy shit!
ART: Don’t hang up, and for Chrissakes, don’t look at me.
Bill turns toward the audience again.
BILL: Have you been there all along?
ART: No, sometimes it was Larry. We’ve been right next you every Thursday at 3:37. Nice touch, huh?
BILL: You’re a sick, sick man.
ART: Do you want the rewrite?
BILL, turning to Art again: Well, yeah.
ART: Aw, Jesus!
BILL, turning back again: Oh, shit. Sorry.
ART: Put your duffel bag on the sidewalk.
Bill does. Art then places an identical bag next to Bill’s.
ART: I’m placing an identical bag next to yours. It contains the documents you’ve requested. On my signal, you will make the switch. Ready? Go.
Music continues.
BILL, taking the second bag:
Arthur, you have gone so nuts they should
Lock you in a rubber room
Look who’s talking, your whole life has been
Centered ’round a nom-de-plume
Kidding aside, until the show opens
This is the last time we will speak
If you have an emergency, call my
Service, but otherwise we’ll see you next week

© & Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 1994 Mark S. Meritt and Richard Hack

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