The Right Circles

This original musical tells the story of a struggling actor who gets far too involved in a practical joke being perpetrated by two Broadway writers on New York City’s avant garde theatre community. It is a black comedy about art, love, deception, sex, tolerance, food, playing God and opposable thumbs. The piece gained the authors representation with the Farber Literary Agency in New York, NY. The authors are no longer represented by the Farber Literary Agency, and the stageplay remains unproduced.

Read the The Right Circles – Sample stageplay .pdf including lyrics.

© 2007, 1994 Mark S. Meritt and Richard Hack

Request the full The Right Circles stageplay.

The Score

You can listen to .mp3 samples of each song by following the links below. All are from a demo recording, of which you can learn more below.

© 2007, 1994 Mark S. Meritt and Richard Hack

Demo Recording

The demo recording was created as a promotional tool for The Right Circles. “The Game” and “Birth of a Bohemian” were recorded in early 1994, when only Act I Scenes 1-2 had been completed, in order to pursue representation. The Farber Literary Agency signed the authors on the strength of these songs and the accompanying script pages. Once the stageplay and score were completed in Fall 1994, the rest of the demo recording was created.

Non-Ensemble Song Performers

Bill Mann / Roderick Johnson Harding — Richard Hack
Miranda Becker — Maria Licari
Larry Gold — Mark S. Meritt, except in “The Game”: Tom Privatere
Arthur Wilson — Richard Hack, except in “The Game”: Gerard Gretzinger, and “Phone Call #2”: Mark S. Meritt
Root Renoir — Ed Budd
Josephine Fitzgerald — Sharon Faetsch
Maria Pirelli — Sharon Faetsch
Tyler Grant — Richard Hack

Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 1994 Mark S. Meritt and Richard Hack

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