The Unexplainable Bonefish

This was a proposed television series in which host Dr. Wiley Bonefish and a crew of puppet lab assistants would humorously help kids explore paranormal science using the scientific method.

Read the The Unexplainable Bonefish – Series Proposal .pdf.

© 2000 Edwin Budd, Tamara Budd, Mark Meritt and Alex Diehl

Read the The Unexplainable Bonefish – First Episode Abridged Teleplay .pdf.

Listen to The Unexplainable Bonefish – Theme.

The blend of strangeness and fun that was to define the series led to the scores of Danny Elfman as inspiration for the theme music. Learn more about Potluck’s custom instrumental composition service which uses Appreciative Inquiry to draw out your needs and desires as the basis for an original instrumental composition.

You can listen to the whole piece via this YouTube video by just pressing the Play button immediately below. Or, you can visit YouTube to see the video or post a comment.

Music Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright & © 2007, 1999 Mark S. Meritt

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