Gratuitous Silence

The music for this song was originally written for You Could’ve Been Something Special (Love Theme from Gratuitous Violence). Mark felt the music worth reusing for a piece with a greater likelihood for longevity. Other than the title being a nod, the lyrics are essentially unrelated to the original.

Listen to .mp3 sample of Gratuitous Silence.

Sung by Mark S. Meritt.


We used to be so together
Two shining diamonds in the rough
And for a while just each other seemed enough
But we wanted something better
You sought your fortune in the sky
For me, a far more grounded future caught the eye

But as your star ascended by degrees
We didn’t know we’d turn to enemies
And now you only give the deepest freeze
Gratuitous silence

Tried to help so many others
It’s the hardest row to hoe
When someone else is who they rather would know
If everybody had their druthers
It’s you whose life they’d want to live
They all refuse to see just how much I can give

It kills me knowing that they’re all so blind
But they can’t leave all your false hopes behind
And now from you all that I’ve come to find…

I had the strength to say what I believe
And you thought I was mad
But it turns out that I was self-deceived
If being true should make me glad
Then tell me, why’s it feel so bad?

I did not want you to leave me
Didn’t mean to go away
But sometimes losing what you care for’s a price you pay
Still we follow in our footsteps
Build our castles in the sand
And though we may have been divided, still we stand

Can we be harmonized? I have no clue
What’s good for just one leaves no room for two
And so for now all I’ll expect from you’s
Gratuitous silence
Gratuitous silence
Gratuitous silence

© & Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 2001 Mark S. Meritt

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