Lost in Paradise

Listen to .mp3 sample of Lost in Paradise.

Sung by Mark S. Meritt.


If their life were good
Most people would
Be happy with their fate

Still, down deep inside
It’s not denied
They want a life that’s great

Spite of what they have, they want it all
Lucky me, I’ve got it wall to wall

I’m lost in a wonderful paradise
I’m lost in a glorious dream

Strangers envy me
How happily
They think I live my days

Not one ounce of strife
The perfect life
Wherever I may gaze

Perfect things galore and then some more
But I wonder, who’s it perfect for

I’m lost in a marvelous paradise
I’m lost in a something-else dream
But if this was my kind of paradise
Well, then why do I find myself always wanting to scream?

When I look around me I can
See so many things
That so many people would desire

But nothing makes me feel
Like fireworks exploding
‘Stead of setting me alight,
I only want to set it all on fire

Strangers envy me
How happily
They think I live my days

They don’t know how I’m
So dissatisfied
And it’s more than a phase

All these things around me tease and taunt
None of it is what I really want

I’m lost in someone else’s paradise
Trapped on someone else’s cloud nine
And I can’t help but think that perhaps someone else may be lost in mine
Lost in mine

© & Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 2001 Mark S. Meritt

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