Someone Duplicated the Key to My Heart

This song received an Honorable Mention certificate and Top 500 prize from the 11th Annual Billboard Magazine Songwriting Contest, July 16, 2003.

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Sung by Mark S. Meritt.

Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 2002 Mark S. Meritt

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For so long we’ve been together
And each moment’s beat the last
I’ve seen oh so many others
But you’d never been surpassed
Yet now I’ve something to tell you
And it’s so hard to impart
No, our love has not yet abated
But someone duplicated the key to my heart

I once thought each had one only
And I thought my one was you
Yet now, anything but lonely,
I feel everything for two
A smorgasbord lays before me
But love’s not served a la carte
I don’t know with whom I’ll be sated
For someone duplicated the key to my heart

A copy’s a key only fools would use
The master’s the one that you must not lose
But how to choose to stay or run?
The dupe may have come first — are you the one?

Was it I who made the knockoff?
Did I broach Pandora’s Box?
No matter who chipped the block off
With hearts, you can’t change the locks
It seems that I must decide now
Perhaps I should throw a dart
To find out for whom I am fated
Not just infatuated, till death do we part
The choice became so complicated
When someone duplicated the key to my heart
Someone duplicated the key to my heart

© 2007, 2001 Mark S. Meritt

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