After the Holidays

Listen to .mp3 sample of After the Holidays.

Sung by Mark S. Meritt.

Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright 2007, 2002 Mark S. Meritt


Jingle Bells and Winter Wonderland
Take a Sleigh Ride, Let it Snow
But like Frosty’s one day
All these songs melt away
Though there’s so many winter days to go

They could light and warm the dark and cold
Not a holiday word sung
Yet somehow for a year
They will all disappear
Moments after the holidays are done

See the family, visit your hometown
Gather all your closest friends
Give to somebody else
It comes back for yourself
Bringing life’s most rewarding dividends

All these things could happen any day
But we seldom let them last
For we’ll spend most the year
Missing what we hold dear
Moments after the holidays have passed

And can we truly be happy
With shopping crowds and bills galore?
Even the holidays don’t feel
At all like holidays anymore

Then again, it feels like all we’ve known
Is this ornamental dream
But if what we enjoy
Really beats any toy
Are the holidays not all that they seem?

No, they really can be special times
Overflowing with good cheer
The best gifts you present
Don’t require money spent
Even after the holidays are here
It can feel like the holidays all year

© 2007, 2001 Mark S. Meritt

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