The Next Step: Collaborators

First, the little online magazine I started last fall through my local ISP evolved in February into Sostenuto — The Systems-Thinking Magazine of Arts & Sciences, finding a more permanent home at

Now, I’m thrilled to announce that Sostenuto has taken its next significant step. After a five-month recruitment process, nine people joined me in early March to form a core group of collaborators who will create and maintain the full-fledged magazine that Sostenuto is becoming. Representing four countries and three continents, my new colleagues have varied backgrounds and a complementary set of interests and talents that should help turn the magazine into a place truly worth visiting on a regular basis. Visit our staff page to find out more about this dynamic and diverse group. As we clarify our roles and eventually add other staff members, we will keep this page updated as a place to find out about the people who make up the magazine.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that no new content has been posted for some time. Behind the scenes, we’re developing articles, planning how to organize the site and conceiving of completely new visual designs. In the end, we’ll have a functional and attractive site in which different voices cover a wide array of topics from a unique perspective.

Mark S. Meritt, Editor

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