Morality v. Tolerance, Round II

In his ancient marble tower
an Archbishop’s Divine Power
is impenetrable, unquestionable, his right
He makes promises for an hour
as the people below him cower
then shed money from fists once tight

For to reach the Immaterial State
with too much food on your plate
is harder than pulling camels through needle eyes
Poverty is but the first rule
and there are more of them than fools
for those seeking bliss when they die

You’ll ne’er find it here on Earth
It’s too dire; too much dearth
so you’d better get on your knees
These are the Words of holy men
from tongues and from pens
this is what they’d have us believe

So there’s a pious fool
for everyone of their rules
and there’s as many play a new game
Though their gods have different looks
and they read different books
their righteousness is much the same

They’ve increased in quantity
Their enforcers have gained enmity
but we don’t know which rules to follow
Thank Sony for TV
and Fox for apathy
and Civilization for the ruts where we wallow

Leave morality to the experts
only they know its worth
We just want to be entertained
Let the Saints fight the Baddies
as they dictate so madly
in victory something must be gained

But the risks aren’t ours to take
these are battles we forsake
it’s work enough to pay the bills
With men so certain on both sides
even if you think you know who’s right
war ain’t exactly a thrill

When it’s Evil v. Good
(the very extremes that would
fight eternally given the chance)
we’re begging for moderation
hoping on toleration
as an end to the Carnal Dance

But what if two fighting extremes
are really the same thing?
just two kinds of fundamentalism?
What if all these rules
made by and for fools
for dictatorships or environmentalism

are all on the moral high ground?
So their followers can look down
on those of us watching TV?
And what if we’re the other extreme?
Living our American dream
laughing our canned laughter so freely

While evil and good duke it out
and spread collateral damage about
our contribution is sitting by
polluting the planet with our breath
denying others what we possess
and watching humanity die

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