Emergent Associates, LLC

Emergent Associates, LLC was co-founded by Mark S. Meritt and Howard Ditkoff. Mark and Howard conceived of the company in late 2004 and incorporated it as a Michigan Limited Liability Company in February 2005.

Experience how Emergent Associates’ unique knowledge and tools can support you, your family, group, business or organization in discovering and developing your deepest talents and potentials and achieving more satisfaction and success in all aspects of your life from health to career to relationships.

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EA is an agency specializing in the coaching, consulting and training of individuals and groups of all kinds through the application of a unique internally-developed approach. Our philosophy combines solid scientific knowledge of what fosters harmonious functioning, self-organization and emergent change in systems of all kinds with the most effective proven methods for helping people and groups improve themselves. When working with individuals, we aim to help them attain a sense of empowerment, integrity, belonging, security, understanding and excitement by clearly identifying their strengths and other assets and improving their relationships. When working with groups, we aim to foster many of these same qualities, along with the deep sense of community so characteristic of optimally successful organizations.

If you are seeking more satisfaction and success, whether in your career, relationships, or throughout the whole of your life, we can help. If you are a business owner or run a group or organization and would like to improve it in any way, from increasing profits to improving morale to charting strategy, we can help. And if you are a person from any walk of life, from parent to teacher to therapist, that wishes to learn how to help others more effectively, we can help.

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  1. […] At IshCon Spring 2005, Dr. Howard Ditkoff and Mark S. Meritt gave a presentation on the ideas behind their consulting company, Emergent Associates, LLC. The talk focused on how methodologies and fields like Appreciative Inquiry, complexity science and personality typing can tie into the ideas of author Daniel Quinn and can produce extremely practical results. Also covered was the particular way in which EA’s techniques can fostering the creation of modern tribes and the evolution of a new tribal economy of the kind described by Quinn. Afterward, demonstrations of the techniques were given in a small group discussion. […]

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