Emergent Associates, LLC: Trailblazing Tribalizing

At IshCon Spring 2005, Dr. Howard Ditkoff and Mark S. Meritt gave a presentation on the ideas behind their consulting company, Emergent Associates, LLC. The talk focused on how methodologies and fields like Appreciative Inquiry, complexity science and personality typing can tie into the ideas of author Daniel Quinn and can produce extremely practical results. Also covered was the particular way in which EA’s techniques can fostering the creation of modern tribes and the evolution of a new tribal economy of the kind described by Quinn. Afterward, demonstrations of the techniques were given in a small group discussion.

The presentation and part of the small group discussion were recorded on video. Development of the video for publication is in the works.

IshCon is a gathering of people inspired by Daniel Quinn who come together to explore and elaborate on Quinn’s ideas. IshCon Spring 2005 took place in Richmond, Indiana, from Friday May 27, 2005, to Monday May 30, 2005.

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