The Aristocrats… with New Punchline

When the film The Aristocrats came out in 2005, the production company sponsored a contest in which people were to submit video recording of their own telling of The Aristocrats, the now-famous joke whose punchline never changed and which got its humor from everything else the teller created, usually the more vulgar the better, before the punchline. The winning submission would be included on the DVD release of the film.

Mark came up with an idea for a version of the joke with a whole new punchline added after the regular one, turning the whole joke on its ear while providing a strong dose of social commentary at the same time. The idea was that the things people usually include in the joke are in important ways not nearly as bad as other things many people do to each other and even think to be good things though their impact is actually harmful. Mark submitted his telling to the contest after recording it on September 28, 2005.

Many people have found this video on YouTube and commented there that it was particular unfunny. For their sake, Mark added a note to the YouTube description of the video: “If you’re not hip to social criticism, then this joke will be unhip to you, and unapologetically so. Take it for what it is, or go find something else to laugh at.”

View the YouTube Video

The digital video was captured by Allan Meritt in October 2006 and posted by Mark on YouTube on October 27, 2006. You can watch the video right here by just pressing the Play button immediately below. Or, you can visit YouTube to see the video or post a comment.

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