Introducing the New Potluck

After several months of development, and just in time for the third birthday of the site, a new is finished — and yet just begun.

We’ve completed the transition to the WordPress publishing platform, making it easier to run the site while also providing you with all sorts of ways to get to our content.

Speaking of which, there’s lots of new stuff, including videos, comics, new songs, a significantly expanded and more interactive library which is also now a store with links to purchase many of the library’s items, and more.

There’s a whole new Potluck Creative Arts website, where you can find out about all of the creative services Mark S. Meritt offers — and Mark is now trying to have a go at this full-time, so see what he can do for you, musically and otherwise! You’ll also find the announcement of Jennifer Norris’ new artisan and custom jewelry business, planBead, as well as a new home for Sophie’s World, the chronicle of Sophia Quinn Meritt’s adventures.

For full details on all the new stuff that’s part of this relaunch, Get to Know the New Potluck, or just use one of the links here to take a look around.

We encourage you to revisit any offerings you may have previously enjoyed, since you can now add comments right on each posting — one of the easiest and most interactive ways you can now let us hear from you. And we also shamelessly point your attention to the PayPal donation buttons on every page, in case you would like to support our work!

If you would like to get in touch with us about our mailing list or anything else, visit our Contact page.

Looking forward to your visits. We hope you enjoy the new Potluck.

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