Songs Make Me Smile

This song was written from scratch on July 30, 2007, during the second test run, the first with all kids, of the Potluck Creative Arts Songwriting Workshop. It took 135 minutes with breaks, starting only with music as the topic. Learn more about the Songwriting Workshop which uses Appreciative Inquiry to foster collaborative creativity.

Music and lyrics by Ethan Husted, Tessa Husted, Jimmy Melitski, Sophia Meritt, Jan W. Midtskogen, Katerina R. Midtskogen, Chapman Odlum, Molly Odlum, Karana Stokum with Mark S. Meritt (facilitator)

The original workshop performance was by Ethan, Tessa, Jimmy, Sophia, Jan, Katerina, Chapman, Molly, Karana and Mark on July 30, 2007.

Watch the video right here by just pressing Play immediately below. Or, visit YouTube to see the video or post a comment.


Whenever I listen to a song
I turn up the dial
‘Cause in the car or at home
Songs make me smile

Whenever I dance to a song
My body gets riled
‘Cause Macarena, Chicken or ballet
Songs make me smile

Whenever I sing a song
I sing it with style
‘Cause soft, in between or loud
Songs make me smile

Whenever I play a song
It’s really wild
‘Cause whatever instrument I play
Songs make me smile

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