Category: Short Stories

Nothing but Flowers (a short screenplay)

Yuppie couple goes back to the land – sells trendy Toronto pad, he quits his job as Head of Hostile Takeovers at DigestCom and she quits her job as a patent lawyer. They use all the money from the sale of their pad to buy a small plot of land on Galiano Island and live out of a lean-to eating deer meat and wild berries. They suffer severe caffeine withdrawal and can’t beat their insomnia. Hilarious adventures ensue.

A Creation Story

This piece appeared in the first and only issue of Mosaic: A Magazine of Arts, Sciences & Everything in Between, which evolved into this website. In the beginning there was nothing. Lots and lots of nothing. Then one day a…

Hugh Manatee

This children’s book with an ecological theme was represented by the Farber Literary Agency, New York, NY. The authors are no longer represented by the Farber Literary Agency, and the story remains unpublished. Read the Hugh Manatee .pdf.