Anthropik Network, The Serves to unite various threads related to the New Tribal Revolution, founded by Mark’s colleague Jason Godesky.
    BenjiBopper Personal site of Chris Benjamin, Potluck core participant.
    Friends of Ishmael Society, The Mark serves as a board member of this group focused on publicizing systems thinking through the works of Daniel Quinn. Co-founded by Howard Ditkoff.
    Good Funds A Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) firm founded by Eric Smith, friend of Sandy Bradley.
    Hudson Valley Potluck Mark co-founded this local Ishmael group
    IshCon A site that “brings together people interested the works of Daniel Quinn and the ideas behind them.” Created by Chris Hardie, who serves on the Friends of Ishmael board with Mark.
    Ishmael Community, The Daniel Quinn’s website.
    Muskrat Lodge, The Personal site of Daniel Mossberg and Malin Ostman, Mark’s colleagues.
    My Earthwatch Experience Personal site of Frank “Cheech” Cicela, Mark’s colleague.
    New Tribal Ventures A tribal business which promotes the works of Daniel Quinn. Personal site of Oshyan Greene, who serves on the Friends of Ishmael board with Mark. Co-created by Greg Peterson, a site which “weaves the worldwide permaculture web.”
    Read Ishmael A site geared toward getting people to read Daniel Quinn’s book Ishmael, co-created by Mark’s colleague Howard Ditkoff.
    Sustainable Hudson Valley A network of individuals and organizations, from the New York City border to the headwaters of the Hudson, working creatively to build more sustainable cities, towns, eighborhoods and rural communities. The Meritt/Norris family is a past member. Personal site of Howard Ditkoff, who founded the Friends of Ishmael Society and serves on its board with Mark.
    Transformational Conversations An innovative company founded by Bill and Lisa Giruzzi, friends of the Meritt/Norris family, bringing potluck-related ideas into the way companies motivate their employees.
    Walkaway Media A tribal media company, founded by Mark’s colleague Matt Kabwe.