IshCon Spring 2004 Talks

At IshCon Spring 2004, Mark S. Meritt led a discussion on the most misunderstood and unaccepted ideas in the work of Daniel Quinn, and he gave a speech elaborating on Quinn’s recommendation that people pursue what they are best at as the most effective way for them to contribute to a larger shift to a systems paradigm. IshCon is a gathering of people inspired by Daniel Quinn who come together to explore and elaborate on Quinn’s ideas. IshCon Spring 2004 took place in Richmond, Indiana, from Friday May 28, 2004, to Monday May 31, 2004.

Because both presentations were relatively informal, no notes or transcripts are available at present. However, many of the ideas in the talk about people pursuing what they are best at later found their way into Mark’s essay Forcing the Balance and the work of Emergent Associates, LLC.

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