Potluck website launches

Hello! I wanted to let you know about my new home base on the web. Evolving from both Mosaic: A Magazine of Arts, Sciences & Everything in Between (an online magazine I’d founded, formerly Sostenuto: The Systems-Thinking Magazine of Arts & Sciences) and my family’s personal site, here’s Potluck (https://www.potluck.com).

Potluck will serve as a permanent base for me, some of the Mosaic crowd and some others to publish and promote various projects and the ideas behind them — systems-based ideas that help produce fundamentally positive change for people, communities, business and the world. It will provide a similar variety of material to Mosaic, but in a more free-form fashion and with more breadth and depth. It will no longer be constrained by the need for “issues,” or even the need for us to consider whether or not the site is a success. Over time, the site’s content and identity will expand as collaborations and other associations develop. At the same time, the site also has personal areas where we can just do, well, whatever we want.

I encourage you to

…learn about the site at https://www.potluck.com/about/,

…visit the newly updated page for our daughter, Sophia Quinn Meritt: https://www.potluck.com/tag/sophies-world/,

…read the site’s inaugural essay, “The Truth (Damned Truth) of Election Statistics” (https://www.potluck.com/2004/05/the-truth-damned-truth-of-election-statistics/), hopefully a provocative piece for this U.S. Presidential election year,

…and generally explore — and bookmark! — the site.

I hope you’ll partake from the Potluck!

Mark S. Meritt

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