New Offerings from Potluck Creative Arts

At long last, finally, Potluck Creative Arts has a proper home on the web!

Along with the site comes a number of new and unique music, arts and creativity services offered by Mark S. Meritt. Many involve opportunities for you to participate, collaborate and learn, some from anywhere in the world. Several are based on the innovative process of Appreciative Inquiry, used to a great degree by Emergent Associates, LLC — the coaching, consulting and training company Mark S. Meritt co-founded with Howard Ditkoff.

Potluck Creative Arts’ signature services:

  • Songwriting Workshops — Mark can facilitate a group in writing an original song, from scratch, in a single session, whether or not you have any experience creating music or lyrics. Enroll your elementary school-aged kids in ongoing workshops, and commission workshops for any situation, including tailoring regularly scheduled workshops for your group. Check out the latest Songwriting Workshop samples.
  • Singalong Workshops — Fun Singalong Workshops for all ages — ideal for parents and their young children, but great for anyone. Also, tailor Singalong Workshops for your group.
  • Custom Songs — Mark can create an original song based on your needs and desires.
  • Custom Instrumentals — Mark can create an original instrumental composition based on your needs and desires.
  • Custom Writing — Mark can create an original non-musical writing based on your needs and desires.
  • Creativity Coaching — Mark can coach you in developing your own original creative work.
  • Piano/Keyboard Performance — From Ragtime to Rock and everything in between, Mark can perform music to fit any occasion or play for your “piano bar” singalong or private karaoke night.

Discover all the original artistic works and stories resulting from Potluck’s services, and subscribe to their podcasts and feeds, by visiting the Creations Collection.

Also, browse through the Resources archive to help you learn about creativity and how to express yourself through your own life.

Enjoy looking around!

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