Mad Libs with 30 Rock and Gandhi

The other Mad Libs posts I just did this week — on Looper and The Terminator and on Frasier and Joey — reminded me about another set I did, practically on a dare. Netflix told my wife that she’d like the television series 30 Rock after the movie Gandhi had been recently watched. She wondered how they could possibly be connected. I came up with this.

From a traditionally oppressed group (Indians; women), a protagonist (Mohandas K. Gandhi; Liz Lemon), whose first name references a relationship with a god (Mohandas means servant of the Hindu god Mohana; Elizabeth means oath of God) and whose last name refers to something round and bright yellow (Gandhi means sun; Lemon means lemon), uses talents for communication, writing and leadership (orator, writer of books and journals on Indian freedom, spiritual leader of the movement for a free India; former actress, author of feminist tome Dealbreakers, head writer of The Girlie Show).

The protagonist joins forces with similarly oppressed allies (Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, other Hindus, etc.; African Americans such as Tracey and Toofer, Jews, other women such as Jenna, etc.), including even people who’d be looked down upon by most others from the protagonist’s own social group (Untouchables; people of impoverished Appalachian heritage such as Kenneth Parcell), struggling together week after week for freedom and integrity (Indian home rule; artistic expression).

Their main battles are against the difficulties presented by the dominant positions of people and institutions that represent traditional male, white, European hegemony (the South African government and its officials, the British Empire and its officials; GE, NBC, Jack Donaghy and all corporate henchmen reporting to them), and their way is often barred by male Indian underlings who see it as their duty to protect the dominators rather than act in solidarity with the other oppressed people (Indian policemen; Jack’s assistant Jonathan).

Despite the sacrifices they make, the strains on personal life and relationships, and all the work they do to try to make things work for everyone around them, some people hate them and even hope harm will come to them.

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