Done Under the Sun – Coronavirus Mini-Story of the Day

Carrie’s brain lit up, and so she Googled.

love in the time of corona

About 2,100,000,000 results.

“Two billion? Are you kidding me? Shit… Okay…”

COVID’s Metamorphoses

About 323,000 results.

“Dammit! What else, what else?”

She sat there, trying to brute force a new title, tapping her face, which she knew she wasn’t supposed to be doing. She cursed her nervous habit, and she cursed her not-clever-enough brain, and she cursed her hyper-globalized world which was really the only reason that someone like her could be considered less than totally clever and original, because it was this world that made it nearly impossible to be the first to an idea. It seemed like all her good ideas had always already taken seed somewhere else, and then spread, like a… virus.

There and then, instead of vlogging snarkily about life during the pandemic, Carrie set her sights much bigger. Bigger, she could hear the skeptics saying? Yes, she could hear herself responding, bigger. She started an anarcho-primitivist vlog with the willfully mundane title of “Screw Civilization.”

A year later, she would have a whopping 17 followers and no idea that there were nearly 650 social media accounts around the world with the same name, most of which had beat her to it, and 23 of whose owners’ lives had already ended.

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