Conspiracies and Confabulations- As You Were

As You Were – looking for connections between the work of Brené Brown and Daniel Quinn as I revisit them in book clubs. See the introductory post for what this is all about. In this post, I look at:

  • Daniel Quinn Book Club — no reading this week
  • Brené Brown Book Club — Rising Strong, finishing session 5 reading: Ten – You Got to Dance with Them That Brung You through End

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Rising Strong

Eleven – The Revolution

“I don’t use the term revolution lightly.” Quinn also advocates for genuine revolution and paradigm shift.

“The conspiracies and confabulations that we tend to make up in the face of limited data can tear away at the heart of organizations.” Consider Taker culture’s confabulations about itself based on the limited data left after the Great Forgetting.

“… we must have uncomfortable conversations if we’re going to work to empower people and change systems.” Quinn’s work is full of just such conversations being had toward just such goals.

“And, if you think about it, the stereotypes that fuel fear and discrimination are often no more than shitty first drafts — stories we make up based on our own lack of knowledge and experience, or stories handed down to us by people who also had very little exposure or understanding.” Consider Taker culture’s stories about itself and other cultures, based on very little understanding/awareness of other cultures or even of itself.

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