Actually Just Standing Still – As You Were

As You Were – looking for connections between the work of Brené Brown and Daniel Quinn as I revisit them in book clubs. See the introductory post for what this is all about. In this post, I look at:

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Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.

Part One: Rumbling with Vulnerability – Section Two: The Call to Courage

“People think it’s a long walk from ‘I’m not enough’ to ‘I’m better than them,’ but it’s actually just standing still. In the exact same place. In fear. Assembling the armor.” Compare to Quinn talking about Taker culture as simultaneously believing that humans are inherently flawed and that humans are the supreme lifeform whose destiny it is to conquer and rule the planet.

“We should all be held accountable for being both optimistic and realistic.” Quinn, too, is realistic in ways that lead other people to accuse him of being a pessimist even as he considers himself an optimist offering real hope for the future.

“‘My willingness to ask an uncomfortable question opened the door to a great conversation.'” Quinn’s work frequently does the same.

“Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings, or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behavior.
“What this means it that we must find the courage to get curious and possibly surface emotions and emotional experiences that people can’t articulate or that might be happening outside their awareness.” This is an inherent dynamic throughout Taker culture.

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