Unsustainable Solutions – As You Were

As You Were – looking for connections between the work of Brené Brown and Daniel Quinn as I revisit them in book clubs. See the introductory post for what this is all about. In this post, I look at:

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Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.

Introduction: Brave Leaders and Courage Cultures

“2. Rather than spending a reasonable amount of time proactively acknowledging and addressing the fears and feelings that show up during change and upheaval, we spend an unreasonable amount of time managing problematic behaviors.
3. Diminishing trust caused by a lack of connection and empathy…
6. Too much shame and blame, not enough accountability and learning…
8. When something goes wrong, individuals and teams are rushing into ineffective or unsustainable solutions rather than staying with problem identification and solving. When we fix the wrong thing for the wrong reason, the same problems continue to surface. It’s costly and demoralizing…
10. Perfectionism and fear are keeping people from learning and growing.” All endemic to Taker culture, which habitually focuses on symptoms rather than root causes and so never solves any of its problems.

“Likewise, when our organization rewards armoring behaviors like blaming, shaming, cynicism, perfectionism, and emotional stoicism, we can’t expect innovative work.” Related to the core Taker culture dynamic of striving to keep things static rather than allowing and working with processes of change/evolution.

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